01-06-2024 – We have reinstalled the connecting jetty so that you can walk “inside” from Hemmeland to Waterland. The connection runs from Hemmeland H to Waterland G. Unfortunately, cycling or using a harbor cart over this connection is not possible.

This summer our neighbours (Combi, Van der Lingen and the Association Building) have finished construction and they will all move between August and October. The entrance with one barrier for in & out will remain the same until the square is constructed where the current barrier is. The barrier will then move to its final location.

We have winter storage in winter 2024/2025 only for boats on trailers at the Hemmeland location, which will be lifted out at Waterland. There is now no more jet wash area near the crane so that is why we cannot lift out there. It is expected that we will start building the crane track in the spring of 2025. Winter storage will take place next winter at Waterland and Volendam.

04-03-2024 – We will be launching the winter storage in the coming weeks. From now on we will no longer crane boats out at this location because we can no longer jetwash them here. Only when the new crane area has been completed will we crane boats out again. Winter 2024/2025 we will probably do not offer winter storage at the Hemmeland location because of our own building activities. Winter storage 2024/2025 will be at the Waterland and Volendam location. From July 1st and onwards it can be booked, no reservations upfront are accepted.

In the coming period we will be pruning, cleaning up and repairing at the Hemmeland location. In addition, the barrier will be temporarily moved, this time to the area near the crane. The Stelcon plates are already there, they are now marked.
Our neighbours (Combi, Van der Lingen and the Association Building) are making steady progress with their works. The piling has already been completed, now the construction continues.

15-11-2023 – We are nearly finished with lifting the boats out of the water. We store boats on field 4, field 3 and field 2. Our crane area/yard is different form last year. To ensure good accessibility to the boat and crane, this is an area where you are not allowed to park.
Season 2024 and 2025 both locations will be in use. The harbour office at Waterland is open 6 days a week in winter, 7 days a week in summer. Hemmeland is open by appointment.

Practical: you will now find the environmental box at the roundabout. Questions about what to put where? Contact us via phone or drop by at the harbour office

Parking: In the summer time in the parking space on field 2 and field 3. In the winter period near the roundabout and the camper spots. Expecting visitors? Let the visitors tell us who they are visiting when they ring at the gate. Then we can open the gate for them. Don’t park near the trees on the right hand side: trailers park here. Always park in a white outlined spot and not under a boat.


28-08-2023 – At the Hemmeland location, work has started for the new residential are on Field 1. The access road from the dike is adjusted and the pre-loading for the buildings that will be on Field 1 (Van der Lingen and Combi BV) has started. In the near future, the environmental collection area will be moved so that preparations for the new association building can begin. This building is on the right of the barrier. The environmental collection area is moved to the “roundabout”. Plates have been installed at the boat lift so that the crane can still drive here. The winter storage at the Hemmeland location starts early October.

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