14-02-2023 – Last week we started planning the crane appointments for launching for the Hemmeland location. Like every year, the first appointments are scheduled for the second week of March and we plan until mid-May.

This year the planning is somewhat different from previous years: Field 1 is rightfully “under construction”. The access road from the dike will be adjusted and the pre-loading for the buildings that will be on Field 1 (Van der Lingen and Combi BV) has started.

Praktisch: follow the sign “J” to get to the harbour. This detour leads via the roundabout and the Galgeriet to the harbour.

If you want to reschedule the tap appointment, this is possible to a limited extent. We crane on location Hemmeland until mid-May. After this date, it is no longer possible to crane due to the works.

Parkeren: from March 6 on weekdays on the roundabout or on the camper spots. Under the boats is not advisable because then it is not possible to manoeuver with the boats on the side. Or it can happen that the car is painted…

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