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In the coming years, the Galgeriet will transform from an industrial into a residential area. The vacant buildings have now been demolished and the last buildings are now being purchased by the municipality. That is why Jachthaven Waterland is moving to the Hemmeland location. The relocation of the port is not easy because it involves land and water. When the agreements are finalized, we can start planning. In our newsletters we report the milestones related to the new harbour. What we now know is that the Hemmeland site will be the first to be changed (a residential tower is partly planned here) and that we will have two locations for some time to come. The Galgeriet project group informs the people of Monnickendam through newsletters. This can be found on the site of our municipality.

Short status update

28-8-2023 The Galgeriet project is complex. Many parties are involved in the project (municipality of Waterland, entrepreneurs of the Galgeriet, BPD, Hoorne Vastgoed, Rijkswaterstaat, HHNK, Liander). We can only start adjusting the Hemmeland location once our land on the Galgeriet has been sold. That is not the case at the moment. Because the layout of the new harbour depends on the availability of resources, we have several options for the new harbour. That is why we cannot yet indicate when it will be ready and what it will look like exactly. We do know that we will have a harbour office at the Waterland location for the 2024 and 2025 seasons and that we will have winter storage for 2023-2024 and 2024-2025 at both locations. The first step for the new harbour is to apply for a permit for the new boat crane at the Hemmeland location near the dinghy ramp. The barrier at the Hemmeland location will then be moved to its final position.

Update 15-11-2023 – In this phase of the project we work closely with the real estate developer, the municipality and Rijkswaterstaat. A large project like ours is like a 3D puzzle. We have now reached the point where all the pieces of the puzzle are almost falling together. This means that we can start updating the jetty plan (our first sketches are from 2019, the boat mix has changed since then).
We are also making a plan for the “intermediate phase”: the phase between now and the construction of the new jetties. The layout of the harbor on the southwest side will change because of the quay of the new district. We contact berth holders affected by this quay and jointly relocate the boat to a different berth in our harbour.
When the agreements are finalized and we can start at Hemmeland, we will share the preliminary planning and the jetty plan.

Update 1-12-2023 Preparatory work continues. The association building, the building for Combi and Van der Lingen have been measured. These buildings will be constructed in 2024. The connecting jetty (H van Waterland) will be removed in early 2024 and a quay will be made for the new district. We will create a new connection between the two locations.

Update 26-2-2024 The piling of the Van der Lingen, Combi and Association Building plots has been completed. Sand has been poured into the corner where the H jetty was at Waterland so that the preload for the district can begin here. The boats that were moored at the H jetty have been given a place elsewhere in the harbour. The house at the Waterland location (which used to house the harbour office) will be removed cradle-to-cradle in March. This means that the major works are ready for the season.

Update 1-6-2024 The demolition of the house has been a bit delayed and will be completed just before the summer holidays.
The depth of the harbor has been surveyed north of the Park Jetty to see where the best location for the nature-friendly breakwater is. At the Parksteiger the harbour was still surprisingly deep: -2.8 compared to NAP. In 2025, the site where the camper pitches are now will be paved, the quay will be strengthened, the new crane track will be constructed and the natural breakwater will be constructed.

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  • 7 January 2019 – Jachthaven Waterland starts on the Hemmeland location
  • 14 December 2023 – The Waterland municipal council agrees to the lease of the Hemmeland location. The land at the Waterland location was sold this month. The development can start now.

The depth sounding of the marina (May 2024)

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