Storage on hard surface

In winter storage we have room for approximately 220 ships at the Waterland location and 270 ships at the Hemmeland location. The ships are stored on paved terrain and the terrain is equipped with camera surveillance. With our mast crane we can safely hoist and lower the mast if this is necessary for winter storage. Storage of the mast in the mast rack is also possible.

Book winter storage

When you fill in the reservation form completely, we will schedule the crane appointment in consultation. We crane during weekdays, each location has its own crane data as shown on the form. Ships under 10 tons are stationed at Hemmeland and Waterland, ships above at Waterland. We crane ships of up to 17 tons. If you have planned work at Jachtservice de Waterman or at us (Waterland Yacht Service), please indicate Waterland on the form.
The system is: last out, first in. Lift out in November? Then you must be the first to be ready to go into the water.


When maintenance is required on the ship, this can be carried out by the companies on our site. You can contact them yourself or fill in the service form on our website and Waterland will take care of the works. Have you found another company for maintenance? Report this to us and have the company come by to complete the RI&E form. This way you are not liable in case of damage.

Tips for winter preparation

Winter storage differs from summer storage. The boat must be well prepared so that no damage occurs in the winter. Think of removing the sails, the cushions from the boat, preparing the engine and drinking water system for winter. Does the boat stay in the water? Ensure extra mooring line so that the boat is well positioned at variable water levels. In winter the water can drop 80 cm and rise 40 cm.

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