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  • Do you have berths available?
    Yes we do! At certain sizes we now have little availability and our berths with a fingerpontoon are also fully occupied. At the end of December we know exactly what we have available next season.
  • What advantages do you offer berth holders?
    A berth with us in our harbour means mooring your ship in a relatively sheltered place where you can easily go by car and public transport. In addition, we offer the possibility to stay in Marina Port Zélande for a month where you only pay the tourist tax.
  • Can you live on board?
    No. We work with Hiswa contracts, rules and regulations. The Hiswa harbour and shipyard regulations state that habitation is not permitted. It is forbidden in the Municipality of Waterland to live on a boat and this is actively enforced.
  • When do you get vouchers?
    We started vouchers because existing berth holders are just as dear to us as new berth holders. Everyone is entitled to the same benefits. If you sign up for two years, you will receive 10% on the basic berth costs in vouchers. The condition is that you have registered before the end of February by sending in the form and that you have paid the berthing invoice before 1 April. After payment, the vouchers are at the harbor office and can be used at all companies on site.


  • Do I have to have a sailing license?
    No. You must have enough sailing experience to be able to sail the boat independently. Have you never sailed at night and are you the only one who can sail? Then don’t do this and reschedule to a moment when you have a more experienced crew.
  • Do you also give sailing lessons?
    Sometimes. Planning sailing lessons is often a challenge. It usually only works out in spring or fall. We give private lessons to adults (max 3 people) on our own fleet or your own boat. We only do this per day and it is not possible per half day.
  • What do I do in case of damage?
    Get the crew to safety, view the damage and contact us. We would also like to hear this immediately in the event of minor damage, so that we can ensure that the necessary parts are ready on the departure day. This way, the next charter can immediately continue with a repaired boat.
  • Can I sail regattas or on the North Sea?
    Yes, if you have permission from us and book the extra safety package. Indicate your experience and sailing wishes when booking.
  • I want to go on a long sea trip, is this possible?
    Yes. Book the extra safety package, indicate your plan and we will ensure that the correct papers and equipment are on board. We also need a crew list and a scheme of your route.
  • What are tips for a weekend or week of sailing?
    In a weekend, the jewel of the southern IJsselmeer is of course the Marker Wadden. We ourselves are also very fond of IJburg and Lelystad. For the northern IJsselmeer, Enkhuizen, Medemblik, Den Oever and Hindeloopen are always on the menu (because we love good food).


  • Is the Yacht Service only for berth holders?
    No, but that helps. We help our berth holders quicker.
  • Can my rigging be inspected?
    Yes. Rigging has a lifespan and some insurance companies require an inspection report. We do inspections on the rigging with an aerial platform during the season. This way we can work safely and see how things are going. In the winter period we do inspections with the mast lowered, so if you want: don’t forget to book the mast crane for winter storage.
  • How does a gas inspection work?
    We have three colleagues who are Hiswa certified gas inspectors. They can inspect your gas installation. During the inspection they see how the installation is and whether the hoses need to be replaced. With an American boat, take into account a considerable cost item for hoses, pressure gauges, etc.: we can only inspect and extort European installations.

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