Winter Storage

Your ship safe during winter

Looking for a winter storage for your yacht? During the winter we offer the possibilty to store your yacht on land. We use specialized equipment for lifting, moving and storing yachts. We offer space for 230 yachts on shore at the Waterland location and 270 at the Hemmeland location. Your boat is stored on a hard surface (concrete) and a camerasystem monitors our yard. 

Rules for winter storage

  1. Reservation form winter storage
    Please fill out the reservation form when you would like to have your boat lifted out for winter and send it to us. Reservations are made in order of entry, we have around 220 spots at the Waterland location and 270 at the Hemmeland location. Do you have a summer berth contract and would like to go in winterstorage? 
  2. Crane date preference
    Put two dates on the form when you would like to have the lift out. Please keep in mind that there will be no craning during the weekend. The craning for the winter storage will be done until week 46 (9-13 November). You will receive a confirmation of your lift out date along with the invoice.
  3. Payment
    The payment of the winter storage is in two terms: the first term together with the confirmation and the second 1 week prior to the date of lift out.  
  4. Last-out, first in
    The yachts that are craned as one of the last, are the first to go in next season (mid March) “last out, first in”.
  5. No gas on board
    When craning your yacht, our harbourmaster will ask you if they can take a look at your gasholder. According to the regulations of Hiswa and the fire brigade it is not allowed to leave gas bottles on board during winter storage ashore.
  6. Parking
    During the wintertime  our parking space is not available for parking your car. You can park your car near the harbour office or at the Galgeriet. Do not park your car in the marked (yellow) areas (near the dinghy platform or the waste island): in case of emergency this space is needed by the fire brigade, police or ambulance.   
  7. Maintenance on your yacht
    When maintenance need to be done on your yacht, this can be done by companies on our marina. You can contact them yourself or fill out the service form on our website.
  8. Service by other parties
    If you need work to be done by other parties who are not on this marina, they need to be a member of HISWA or BOVAG. They need to present themselves at the harbour office and sign a VGM form (Safety, healthy and enivironmental friendly safe).
  9. Slapen op de Haven
    If you need a place to stay during wintertime, you can book a room at our Slapen op de Haven accommodation. As a berth holder you get a discount.