Yacht Service

"Your charter fleet looks so well maintained, couldn’t you provide this service for us?"

Waterland Yacht Service: the new service brand of Jachthaven Waterland

Starting September 1st 2015 we have a new service company at our harbour especially focussing on the requests from our berth holders: Waterland Yacht Service
Waterland Yacht Service can make things easier for you: we offer service and maintenance for your yacht.  This will be done by the Waterland Yacht Charter team. René Sepers (specialized in rigging) will join our team per November 1st

An overview of what we offer

  • All general works regarding rigging, mast etc.   
  • Rigging inspection with inspection certificate
  • All general Works regarding deck hardware, railing
  • Thorough (once) cleaning of deck and cockpit
  • Regular cleaning (subscription)
  • Thorough cleaning of hull, polishing of the hull (only a shore)
  • All general works regarding the wetted surface area
  • Small gelcoat repairs
  • Inspection and certification of the gas installation on board
  • Make the ship ready for winter
  • Derigging of the boat in autumn, rigging the boat in spring
  • Put on and take off of the winter cover
  • Summer storage of the winter cover
  • Winter storage of the sails
  • Maintenance and installation of electronic equipment on board
  • Dealer Navionics electronic maps ( sales / updates)
  • Advice about long term maintenance and repairs/replacements on board 


Our Yacht Service can be reached during office hours form Monday till Friday.
If you would like to use our Yacht service or would like us to make you an offer, please contact: Waterland Yacht Service via +31 299 652000 or send an email to: