Working on your yacht

At Marina Waterland we take great care for safety and environment. Following are a couple of guidelines which we enforce on the marina to keep everything safe and clean.

Craning appointment

If you intend to plan maintainance on shore, please contact the Marina Office to schedule a crane date.

Warm water supply

When cleaning the boat or tools when your yacht is stored on shore, please use our cleaning station with warm water supply next to the sheds of Waterland.


  • Sanding is only allowed when your machine is attached to a vacuum cleaner.
  • The dust from the vacuum cleaner should be put in a double rubbish bag, just in case the 1st bag rips.
  • When sanding or painting always use sufficient protection such as: Masks, goggles, gloves, surface protection.
  • TIP: When you would like to add a coat of antifouling to your yacht, try to degrease with thinner. This saves you a lot of sanding to get a good bonding with the top layer of antifoul.


Grinding and welding works are not allowed without approval. Ginding splinters can cause uggly rust on neighbouring yachts in gelcoat and paintwork. We always demand full covering of the works

Covering work

It is manditory to use a protective cover when painting, sanding, scraping and grinding.

Used oil

We have a special container for used oil. This oil is collected and returned to a treatment plant to be reused again. The key for this container is available at the marina office.

Fuel and paint waste

In the blue containers next to the crane you can bring your old fuel and old oil filters. The container also has a separate bin for old paintcans, brushes and oil cloths.

Waste water

Bilge water, waterwith paintresidu, antifouling water can be deposited into the special channel at the crane facility. The place to deposit is marked with yellow arrows.