Learn how to sail

The First step to independent sailing

This complete training on one of our comfortably and seaworthy yachts is for people without any experience or with just little experience. During this training you will learn how to drive the boat safely and responsible on the inner waters.  

Training on individual base

Goal is to drive the boat on the Ijsselmeer by yourself. We give this training on individual base, what means that you can come with who you like to sail with. We give these trainings on the Dehler 25 or the Dehler 29. If you are a littlebit more experienced you can sail on the bigger boats. We deliver the boat including the instructor. If you decide to train more days, you can stay on the boat en experience the sail atmospheres. The duration of the training; nine teaching blocks of three hours.

What will you learn?

The course provides practical instruction in particular. Where necessary, we pay attention to the theory (basics navigate, use of map and compass, priority rules).

  • You will learn de basics of sailing.
  • The positions of your sails in combination with the wind
  • How to drive the boat
  • What is tacking and jibing
  • You will learn to maneuver the boat
  • You learn to moor the boat
  • We give attention to the boat jargon (for a good communication on board)
  • Some necessary maneuvers.

Once you have completed this course, you are able to  rent a ship in a responsibly way.