Entry by licence plate recognition

After the reconstruction of our Marina court, we have installed a new entry barrier system that will be a lot more user-friendly.

Waterland has opted for a system with license plate recognition. From now on, the gate opens itself when you approach it. When you leave the harbour in the pouring rain you don't have to open the window: the system already recognizes you and the gate opens automatically.

To let this system function, we need to enter the licence plate of your car(s) in the system. We ask you to come by the harbour office to exchange your current parking key for a license registration in the new parking system. On each berth/license 10 cars can be registered. Per 24 Hrs a maximum of two cars per berth will have an entrance admission.
If you have multiple keys, you will get the deposit for the second and third key in return. You can hand in the key up until 31st of December 2017.

If you currently don't have a key but would you like to use the on-site parking you pay a one-time license registration fee of € 45,00

Visitors can ring the bell as before, but you can also register your guest and their number plate. We will enter them in the system (temporarily) and the gate will open automatically for your guests!